Full name: Arena Hospitality Group d.d. for tourism and hospitality
Abbreviated name: Arena Hospitality Group d.d.
Legal form: Joint-stock company
Headquarters: Pula (City of Pula - Pola), Smareglina Street 3
Registration court: Commercial Court in Pazin
Subject identification number (MBS): 040022901
Tax identification number (OIB): 47625429199

Share capital:

13.613.965,00 Euros, fully paid and divided into 5,128,721 ordinary shares registered in the name, without nominal value.


Reuel Israel Gavriel Slonim, President of the Management Board
Devansh Bakshi, Manuela Kraljević and Edmond Pinto, Members of the Management Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:

Boris Ernest Ivesha

Transactional Accounts:

Bank Name: SWIFT Code: IBAN Account Number:
ZAGREBAČKA BANKA d.d Zagreb ZABA HR 2X HR72 2360 0001 1012 1369 0
ADDIKO BANK d.d. Zagreb HAAB HR 22 HR57 2500 0091 1010 0665 2
PRIVREDNA BANKA ZAGREB d.d Zagreb PBZG HR 2X HR59 2340 0091 1100 8714 9
ERSTE & STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d. Rijeka ESBC HR 22 HR33 2402 0061 1008 3099 7

Contact Information:

TEL: +385 52 223 811
FAX: +385 52 215 263
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEB: https://www.arenahospitalitygroup.com/hr

In accordance with the Decision on the Increase of Share Capital and the provisions of the Capital Market Act, on April 26, 2017, the Company published a Prospectus regarding the public offering and listing of new Company shares on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange Inc. Below, you can download the Prospectus of the issuance and listing of new ordinary shares of the Company, together with the supplement approved by HANFA.





Press Release:


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