Our strategy & highlights

As we strengthen and expand our hospitality portfolio, we know that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to our ability to change, evolve, and grow sustainably. We recognise the importance of looking after our people, local communities and our planet. We aim to further establish Arena Hospitality Group as a leader in sustainable and responsible tourism across the CEE region, centred around quality, excellence, stakeholders’ participation, local community inclusion and high-level green and social competitiveness.

Our Purpose  

Our purpose as a Group is to create memories for our guests in premium destinations. We aim to exceed their expectations through excellent service in locations they will remember, and to which they will return.

Within this, our sustainability purpose encompasses:

1. The well-being of all our partners, essentially our employees, our guests, and our local communities.

2. The development of sustainable tourism through aligned products, services, business operations and our supply chain.

3. A healthy planet that we support by t managing our resources sustainably and limiting our impact on the environment as we grow as a business.

Our Sustainability Strategy

Our sustainability strategy is an inextricable part of how we do business and is guided by our embedded principal values:

1. Outstanding services and guest experience where we continually strive to deliver service excellence and memorable experiences to all our guests.

2. Zero impact as we seek to operate with zero impact on the environment.

3. Trust established through the way we conduct business, focused on social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals, to build mutual trust between all parties and stakeholders.

4. Sustainability and viability for the long term with a high level of attention to reducing our consumption of natural resources through operating sustainably and environmental protection efforts.

5. Confidence with a focus on integration with our local community, as well as respect and promoting heritage and culture.

6. Transparency and integrity instilled across the business and corporate governance.

7. Employee development and growth to create a desirable and safe workplace, encourage a learning culture and positive employee engagement to support overall employee wellbeing.

Find out more about our Sustainability Strategy and framework on pages 68-75 of 2023 Annual Report & Accounts.

Our sustainability governance & aligning business to ESG Strategy 

We established a dedicated Sustainability Committee to facilitate the Company’s strategic direction and provide the Supervisory Board with full oversight on all matters of ESG. The Supervisory Board has set the strategic direction through the Group’s governance structure to ensure that the business has a robust ESG strategy.

Sustainability Leadership structure:


Green Key Certification

Our ESG Steering Group in Croatia and Germany has successfully achieved Green Key certification for our hotels, campsites and resorts.  The Green Key certification is a leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainability operations throughout our business operations. This initiative is an essential program across our business involving our employee engagement, guest experience and impact on our local communities.


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