15 prosinca 2021

AHG as employer

As employer we truly believe that you are key to our company’s success and we highly appreciate your opinion. Within Arena Hospitality Group d.d., we make it a point to respect our employees and their opinions because we consider this a prerequisite for success and achievement of common goals.

Your feedback is of the utmost importance to us. This is why every year we conduct an organizational climate survey, the Climate Analysis, in which you are asked to rate your superiors, workplace, department, and the company as a whole. Based on your responses we make every effort to eliminate any and all flaws in order to ensure a pleasant working environment. According to the survey conducted in 2017, the overall index showing employee satisfaction with their job, superiors, team and company is as high as 81.6.

As one of the leading hospitality groups in Central and Eastern Europe, we are aware of our social impact on the community. It is for this reason that we strive to be actively involved in the community in which we operate and to create initiatives that improve the quality of life. We are traditionally dedicated to hiring local residents and we try to be a good employer and to provide our employees support locally. We have retained 66% of last year’s seasonal workforce and our goal as employer is to increase retention of seasonal staff in the years to come.

As employer we support continuous employee development and provide opportunities for promotion and career development within the company. Through various training programmes we try to offer you everything you might need to achieve career goals and milestones along your career path. Within last year we offered 205 trainings for a total of 1,844 employees. We believe that by investing in you, we can encourage you to reach your full potential, thus contributing towards achieving our common goal.

Our most important goal as employer is to create an enjoyable, unique and stimulating work environment with great opportunities for professional growth and development as well as career advancement.