4 travnja 2017

Corporate Governance Statement

Arena Hospitality Group is a public company listed on the Prime Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. It is owned by more than 4.000  shareholders among which PPHE Hotel Group has a majority of 51,97%, the Company is committed to maintain principles of good corporate  governance and regulatory compliance.

The Company has a clear corporate structure which includes the following governing bodies: General Assembly, Supervisory Board led by Chairman with its corresponding delegate committees and the Management Board led by President of the Management Board. The specific governance authorities and responsibilities are regulated by the applicable Croatian legislation, Company's Articles of Association and corporate governance code. The Company is applying the Zagreb Stock Exchange Corporate code as its own. Each year, the Company is obliged to state, in its annual report and on its website, in the required form, whether it complies with the recommendations of a corporate governance code. The Company applies the Corporate Governance Code of the Zagreb Stock Exchange (the Code). The Company complies with the recommendations of the Code based on the principle “comply or explain”, so if the Company fails to comply with the recommendations of the Code, it must provide reasons for its non-compliance. The Company abides by this principle and, where relevant, provides reasons for non-compliance with the recommendations of the Code. The Company published its annual corporate governance questionnaire for 2018 on ZSE on 28 February 2019.