4 travnja 2017

Communication with shareholders

The Board of Directors is accountable to Arena Hospitality Group’s shareholders and as such it is important for the Board of Directors to appreciate the aspirations of the shareholders and equally that the shareholders understand how the actions of the Board of Directors and short-term financial performance relate to the achievement of Arena Hospitality Group’s longer term goals.

The Board of Directors reports to the shareholders on its stewardship of Arena Hospitality Group through the publication of quarterly results each year. Press releases are issued throughout the year and along with the annual report and accounts are available on Arena Hospitality Group’s website at www.arenahospitalitygroup.com. Additionally, the annual report contains extensive information about Arena Hospitality Group’s activities.

Enquiries from individual shareholders on matters relating to the business of Arena Hospitality Group are welcomed. The Board of Directors also meet with major shareholders to discuss and review the progress of Arena Hospitality Group and to understand their issues and concerns, as well as discuss governance and strategy.

The Annual General Assembly provides an opportunity for communication with all shareholders and the Board of Directors encourages the shareholders to attend and welcomes their participation. The Board of Directors and Executive Directors attend the Annual General Assembly and are available to answer questions.