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Social responsibility

As one of the most dynamic hospitality groups in the CEE region, the Group is fully aware of the impact our actions have on people, the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our primary activity of developing, owning and operating hotels, resorts and campsites creates an increased level of responsibility to our guests, team members, partners, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. In turn, these stakeholders are placing a higher value on a brand's responsible initiatives and the impact it is making on the world.

A responsible business strategy

As outlined in our 2017 Annual Report, the Group has elected to participate in a responsible business strategy, Responsible Experiences. It has been developed by PPHE Hotel Group and builds on the Responsible Business (RB) activity of previous years across the PPHE Hotel Group, to create a long-term sustainable and responsible business model. Developed by PPHE Hotel Group’s team members, the approach is aligned to their current values and the way the properties and their teams already go about their daily work. Responsible business mission and the four pillars reflecting key areas of activity and impacts are shown on page 57. Croatian, German and Hungarian teams part of the PPHE Hotel Group, are involved in strategy implementation. In 2018 we have been taking positive steps to integrate Responsible Experiences into our business model and day-to-day activity. This has involved setting ourselves goals under each pillar, the majority of which are based on existing activity within our Group, while others have been set to challenge the Group and introduce new areas of activity.

Our mission in 2019

We are very proud of the progress we have made with Responsible Experiences in 2018, but we realise that we are at the very start of this process and still have a long way to go before we have achieved our ambitions for this initiative and integrate ourselves in the PPHE Hotel Group model more widerly. The PPHE Hotel Group has an ambitious plan: “Over the next 12 months our aim is to build a digital data collection tool that ensures the data we collect is up-to-date and accurate. In creating this we will also produce standards and procedures to define what the data is and its source, this will enable us to create consistency across the PPHE Hotel Group, track our progress, celebrate our successes and identify areas for improvement. We can then work together to set targets and define initiatives that will help us achieve our Responsible Experiences goals”. The Group will work in 2019 on progress in each of the four pillars of Responsible Experience concept:


Each goal has a series of measures associated with it to help us monitor and evaluate our efforts. We are currently working on internal systems and processes to ensure we can accurately report on these and plan to report on this first set of measures in 2019. The Company has committed to working with its indirect controlling shareholder, PPHE Hotel Group, to ensure that all systems, goals and measures align, which is a committed aim of the PPHE Hotel Group in 2019.

Inspiring guests

Providing excellent guest experiences will always be in the focus for all Group activity. As highlighted in the materiality survey, which PPHE Hotel Group did in 2018, ‘Inspiring Guests’ was ranked as the most important Responsible Experiences pillar amongst stakeholders. For this section, we focus on how responsible business activity is conducted with the specific aim of creating valuable memories by delighting our guests every day, through engaging service, quality products and inviting places.


  • Improve guest experience
  • Future-proof our organisation
  • Ensure guest health and well-being
  • Ensure guest safety and security

The guest experience and future proofing

One of our primary goals is to recognise and create opportunities and develop the properties in our portfolio to reach their full potential. We are committed to investing in the renovation and development of our hotels, self-catering holiday apartment complexes and campsites. Over the last twelve months, we have invested HRK 128.7 million in major renovation projects. The feedback from our guests indicates that they appreciate these investments and our customer average overall score is 84.3.

Health and well-being

We ensure that our products and services are advertised in strict conformity with legal requirements as well as with ethical and cultural standards. We comply with the national Statement of Advertising and Market Communication. We commit to complying with applicable consumer protection regulations and to employing appropriate sales, marketing and information practises in communications with our customers. Customer satisfaction and guest complaints are key to the development of our brands and services. We have a robust process in place that addresses the issue at hand and feeds directly into how we evolve the guest experience. This ensures we build a service offering that responds directly to guest feedback.

Safety and security

The health and safety of our team members and our customers is a major priority. We recognise the necessity of safeguarding the health and safety of our own team members while at work and of our guests when staying at or visiting any of our properties, and operate so as to provide a safe and comfortable environment for team members, guests and the public. Our policy is to manage our activities to avoid causing any unnecessary or unacceptable risks to health and safety and our immediate environments. The Group has an excellent health and safety team and record, and a culture of safety which is deeply embedded within the Group. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously. Over the last year, we have reviewed our systems and policies to ensure we are GDPR compliant. In order to comply, we identified how we process data and have embedded policies to process it in line with this new European law. We nominated responsible GDPR officer whose duty is to put a system in place to identify when we deviate from the proscribed procedures of processing data and to put in place a training system for all our team members, enabling them to report any misuse of personal data and enabling us to mitigate and prevent further risk.

Human rights

The Group requires its team members to act fairly in their dealings with fellow team members, customers, suppliers and business partners.  We introduced a Code of Ethics during 2013 which applies to all Group employees. The Group operates a confidential whistle-blowing policy, which was also introduced in 2013. We have a zero-tolerance Gift policy on bribery and corruption which extends to all business dealings and transactions in which we are involved. This includes a prohibition on making political donations, offering or receiving inappropriate gifts or making undue payments to influence the outcome of business dealings. Our robust policy and guidance in this area are routinely reviewed by PPHE Hotel Group. Every new team member is required to review and acknowledge our Code of Ethics and Gift policy which are seen by the HR department.

Child protection policy

This Child Protection Policy relates to the common values, principles and beliefs in the area of child protection that Arena Hospitality Group d.d. adheres to within the scope of its business activities, which are the same principles underlying the international child protection conventions.

This policy includes a set of practical rules of conduct and action to be followed by all employees of Arena Hospitality Group d.d. with regard to child protection issues, and identifies the forms of behaviour that are considered appropriate as well as the ones that are unacceptable.

Equality and diversity

The Group is accepting the PPHE Hotel Group's approach regarding equality and diversity, so it is fully committed to respect and fair treatment for everyone, eliminating discrimination and actively promoting equality of opportunity and delivering fairness to all. In addition to being compliant with equality laws, public duties, and Human Rights Acts (universal and European), the Group supports diversity and promotes equality of opportunity for all team members, students and customers regardless of their:

  1. Protected Characteristics (Equality Act): 
  • age;
  • disability;
  • gender reassignment;
  • marriage and civil partnership;
  • pregnancy and maternity (including paternity);
  • race (colour, ethnic or national
  • background);
  • religion or belief (including non-belief);
  • sex/gender; and
  • sexual orientation,
  • Caring responsibilities for a “protected characteristic” including dependents;
  • Socio-economic background/grouping;
  • Union activity;
  • Unrelated spent criminal convictions.

Being part of our communities

As an owner and operator of hotels, resorts and campsites it is important we care about our neighbourhoods and make a positive contribution to our local communities and the people who live there. We do this in a number of different ways. We are actively involved with a number of fundraising activities throughout the year that make a big difference to people’s lives and the environment. We also engage our local communities through volunteering and local resourcing partnerships and charities. Although ‘Being part of our communities’ ranked the pillar with the lowest importance and impact, we still have a strong commitment to it and are constantly reviewing our community and charitable activity to ensure that it has maximum impact at a local level, but also resonates globally and supports the Group in meeting its objectives and responsibilities.


  • Increasing our charity initiatives and volunteering
  • Contributions and investments with our local community
  • Engagement with our local community

Charity initiatives and volunteering

In the last 12 months, the Company sponsored the Sa(n)jam knjige u Istri (Book Fair(y) in Istria), an important cultural festival of books and authors, and is the patron of the Libar za Vajk award (Book for Ever), awarded at the festival for a fourth year in a row. This year again, in partnership with the City of Pula, the Company sponsored the humanitarian Christmas gala concert traditionally held at the Istrian National Theatre in Pula. Funds collected from ticket sales were donated to “GEA”, Association for Support to Breast and Breast Cancer Associates, located in Pula. The Company also supported an art exhibition to raise funds for the Cerebral Palsy Association of the Istria County, donated a new incubator for the Department of Paediatrics at the General Hospital Pula and supported the education of physiotherapists at local healthcare institution and physical therapy centre, Zlatne Ruke (Golden Hands). The Company has been sponsoring and participating in the humanitarian operations of the GEA Association for Support to Breast and Breast Cancer Associates for a number of years. This association is giving medical and psychological support to the members. Some of whom are also our female employees or exemployees. In Germany the Group’s Regional Office arranged a day-trip to Berlin Zoo for 50 children from the Malteser Family Centre, Manna. Christmas trees were also placed in all hotels for Manna and were filled with children’s wishes which team members helped fulfil. Finally, Park Plaza Nuremberg hosted a charity Flea Market for the children of day care centre Lichtenhof of the Rummelsberger Diakonie.

Contributions and investments

Apart from the financial contributions we make to our local communities via charity initiatives and fundraising, we work with a number of local organisations on a benefit basis. We are proud that this year, we have hosted and supported the International Sound & Film Music Festival held at the Park Plaza Histria Pula. The ISFMS festival focuses on the promotion of film sound and music as well as education and each year offers a programme composed of lectures, panels and workshops with international guests and music professionals from around the world. This year, for the first time in Croatia, European Camille Awards for the best film composers were awarded at the festival.

Engagement with our local communities

Employing team members who live near our properties is not only good for the environment, but supports our objective to be part of our local communities. In Germany, art’otel cologne hosted a speed dating style event at a Job Fair held at the Rhein- Energie-Stadion Koln, in the city of Cologne and attended several large-scale Job fairs organised by national employment agencies across the country. Further outreach includes a cooperation with the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef (IUBH) to commence a dual apprenticeship program. art’otel berlin mitte partnered with a refugee project in Berlin to encourage and support refugees back into the workplace. This enabled the Group to place candidates into operational roles within its outlets. And aforementioned collaboration with the Faculty of Economics Juraj Dobrila, Pula and the Law Faculty in Rijeka.

Materiality in 2019

During the summer of 2018, PPHE Hotel Group also conducted a comprehensive online materiality survey with over 4,000 key stakeholders. PPHE Hotel Group is using the results of these findings to prioritise activity within the group and which measures to concentrate on first. This report focuses on their progress in each of the four pillars across the last 12 months. Where possible, they have highlighted key facts and figures that are considered relevant by their stakeholders and are also important to the success of the PPHE business. Being a truly responsible business requires PPHE Hotel Group and our Group being responsive to the views of our stakeholders and the needs of an ever-changing world.

Recognition and Certification

While we are developing our new responsible business strategy, it is important for us to know if we are on the right track with our current activities and we therefore highly value external accreditation. Several of our hotels have worked with relevant Responsible Business authorities and have received a number of required accreditations. We will continue to review similar initiatives for all our hotels.


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