4 travnja 2017

Green Arena Hospitality Group

We take environmental protection seriously and we want all properties across our Group to undertake activities that will contribute to better resource and waste management, and encourage working towards a lower carbon business. We want to create an environmentally friendly place where our colleagues and guests can be assured that sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

Creating centres of excellence

As one of the most dynamic hospitality groups in the CEE region, owner and operator of 14 hotels, four self-catering holiday apartment complexes, eight campsites and many restaurants, bars and spas in Croatia, Germany and Hungary, it is critical that we develop a blueprint for long-term sustainable development and ethical operational practices. Implementing our blueprint will form a critical part of our team member and guest education and engagement, having them contribute to our sustainability projects as and when appropriate. As highlighted in the materiality survey, ”creating centres of excellence” was ranked as the Responsible Experiences pillar with the most impact.


  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce water usage
  • Reduce waste and recycle more
  • Increase the use of ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials
  • Increase diversity in the workplace

Carbon footprint

The management of our energy use has always been important to the Group and we have had success in reducing our carbon emissions over a long period of time. All our achievements in energy saving have been made possible by the commitment of our local hotel management teams, our technical team, room division manager and Management Board. We actively engage our guests to reducing their impact on the environment through the reduction of water, electricity and cleaning materials used in our properties as well as on waste disposal rules. Whilst we are proud of our successes to date, we need to ensure that the Group continues to perform well. In 2018 we introduced an online energy monitoring tool for all our properties in Germany. The online tool allows us to receive accurate updates on all our energy consumption. This information provides us with the ability to monitor peaks and troughs in usage. The benefits of this are not only commercial, but will also allow us to explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Water use

We already encourage all our hotels, campsites and self-catering holiday apartment complexes to minimise their water usage. We are monitoring on a daily basis the water consumption across the Company in Croatia and we managing water use in our properties through new technical solutions applied directly on the consumption places (bathrooms, sanitary blocks and kitchens) or on the water supply infrastructure. We plan to implement on line control water usage in Germany, which will be an excellent tool. In addition to the initiatives above, we use our own water sources and have waste-to-water recycling schemes in place, in-room towel and bed linen schemes, motion sensor lights, LED lights and combined heat and power (CHP) units, as well as solar thermal collectors. We have also switched our energy source at our centralised laundry site from oil to gas in order to be more environmentally friendly. Gas combustion produces less carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur (S) and nitrogen oxides (NO2) than the fuel oil we used before. These are just a few examples of the improvements we are constantly making within our business.

Waste and recycling

As a Group, we encourage all our hotels to reduce their water usage and the amount of waste they produce. This is achieved in many different ways including reducing the use of consumables such as cleaning materials and packaging and paper, with a view to further minimise environmental impact. As part of the responsible business initiatives, PPHE Hotel Group has created a Green Team which promotes sustainability across all properties. This will help us to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, as well as contribute to better water preservation. 

All other types of recyclable waste were separated into 20 different types, including glass, metals, energy saving lamps, batteries, waste oils and food residues from kitchens. Incentive schemes are in place to reward our hotels, self-catering holiday apartment complexes and campsites that achieve the best results in each category.


A key area of impact we have on the environment and the communities in which we operate is our supply chain – this being the goods and services which we buy both in the countries where we operate and from elsewhere. It is important that all procurement decisions ensure that our hotels get the goods and services they need to operate effectively, and at the right price. The issues we face with our supply chain are constantly changing and evolving. It is a continuing process to improve and strengthen our procurement activity to ensure that relevant issues are properly understood and managed in each buying decision we make. Our responsible business strategy will help us to identify and prioritise the areas to concentrate on. PPHE Hotel Group itself is developing a centralised e-procurement system that aims to ensure that procurement activity in the PPHE Hotel Group is properly managed and organised under responsible business strategy principles.

Strategic partners/suppliers

Teamwork is a key value and we like to collaborate with our strategic partners and business suppliers. It will never be our intention to reject strategic partners and business suppliers because they present environmental or social challenges, but only if they refuse to address these. Where issues do emerge, we will always endeavour to work together to address them.