4 travnja 2017

Green Arena Hospitality Group

We take environmental protection seriously and we want all properties across our Group to undertake activities that will contribute to better resource and waste management, and encourage working towards a lower carbon business. We want to create an environmentally friendly place where our colleagues and guests can be assured that sustainability is embedded in everything we do.

To do so, we are following the CSR strategy developed by our majority owner PPHE Hotel Group. The backbone of this strategy is the TREE (which stands for ‘Total Responsibility for Everyone’s Environment’) programme which continuously engages all our team members and corporate offices in working towards a low-carbon environment and a sustainable work place. Within this programme, we are continuously monitoring our impact on the environment and our usage of natural resources, which allows us to see in which areas we can improve.

In addition, we are currently developing a comprehensive project within the TREE programme that will additionally help us in further creating a responsible company. As part of the project, we have created an Arena Hospitality Group Green Team which will promote sustainability across all our properties in Croatia, Germany and Hungary and will help us to reduce our carbon footprint and waste, as well as contribute to better water preservation. Under the Arena Hospitality Group Green Team project, 63.5 tons of paper and cardboard were collected and recycled in 2016 which is a significant improvement on our CO2 reduction performance. In February 2016, the Arena Hospitality Group Green Team awarded our hotels Holiday and Brioni, campsite Kazela and resort Ai Pini with a special prize as leaders of their own categories in waste reduction.

We believe that through small steps, we can make big changes. This is why we are using on-site bottling plants, waste to water recycling schemes, in-room towel and bed-linen schemes, light–moving sensors, LED-lights and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units, as well as collecting rain water. These are just a few examples of the improvements we are constantly making within our business.