4 travnja 2017

Being a Good Employer

We want to ensure a productive working place for our team members where they will be able to realise their talents and contribute to achieving set business goals. We are proud that our colleagues also recognise our efforts and reward us with high scores in the employee engagement survey that we regularly conduct. 

Internal promotions, transfers and new openings

Operating results indicate the success of our properties in 2016. Arena Hospitality Group had a very successful season this year. In the high season we employed approximately 1,200 employees, of whom 371 are permanent employees. More than 40 employees celebrated their long-term employment anniversary last year (18 of whom had been employed for 30 years in Arena Hospitality Group and seven of whom had been employed for 35 years).

About half of our employees in the peak of the season represent seasonal employees. We retained about 80 high quality seasonal employees through ‘permanent seasonal contracts’. The average age of the employees in Arena Hospitality Group is 47 years. During the year a few new roles were developed to support evolving business needs and we opened several new departments to improve organisational effectiveness.

Employee Number  2016 2015 2014
Full time employees (on 31 December) 366 354 346
Part time employees (on 31 December) 114 184 74
Part time employees (on 31 August)   848 819 794
FTE 806 758 710
Employee satisfaction/engagement (%) 84.9 84.6 81.8

Employee Number  2016 2015 2014
Germany and Hungary***      
Full time employees (on 31 December)** 301 225 230
Part time employees (on 31 December)** 35 43 44
FTE 264 263 218

* The FTE number is an estimate based on the total hours paid for all employees divided by the hours paid for an average full time employee to arrive at a total for Full Time Equivalent Employees.
** The employee numbers for Germany and Hungary include all the employees for art’otel berlin mitte and Park Plaza Berlin Kudamm which are owned in joint ventures.
*** Germany and Hungary were not part of the Group for the three years ended 31 December 2016 and the table above is included for information only.

Learning and development programmes

210 training programmes were conducted in 2016, of which just over 100 were conducted internally. The rest of the programmes were conducted by external companies or our suppliers. Of the internal training sessions, nearly 50% fell under the category of statutory training. The rest of the training programmes conducted were mainly induction training, guest experience training, technical skills training and management and leadership training.

During 2016, we extended the scope of the you:niversity Learning and Development programme to non-branded properties. This programme covered our CSR activities, including every team member’s role and responsibility in driving such activities. In addition, all management teams of non-branded properties attended the Connect! programme, which introduced them to the Company Context and Brand Pyramid.

We also delivered the ‘Leading the PPHE Way’ programme to teams from branded and non-branded properties. This introduced the teams to the new competencies defined by PPHE Hotel Group and helped them understand the behaviours we look for in our team members and leaders.

In May 2016 we piloted the new Coach programme in Croatia. The aims of the programme were to explain the benefits of coaching our team members, explain how people learn, and provide the team members with the skills to coach effectively. We plan to extend this programme to the non-branded property teams in the future.

In 2016 we also enrolled four team members in a Financial Controlling Academy. The programme consists of 25 modules that take place over a period of eight months and is certified by IGC (International Group of Controlling).

Three team members were enrolled in the Foundation in Management programme in 2016 and another six were selected in November 2016 to attend the 2017 course. We are very proud that we have extended the programme to the rest of the Arena Hospitality Group properties including the campsites.

2016 was also the year in which we introduced a talent management course to the management teams of the Park Plaza® branded properties. This programme will enable our management teams to recognise their talent and plot them on a training matrix, allowing us to keep track of our talent as a resource and further support and develop our team members. Successful talent management will allow us to utilise our talent and enable better succession planning.

Employee engagement survey

In June 2016 we had our fourth annual climate analysis–employee engagement survey. Overall, the results for Arena Hospitality Group showed a high level of team member engagement with an index score of 84.9. The total index derived from the drivers – My Job, My Manager, Our Team and Our Company – was a solid 80.7. These results show a high level of team member engagement and overall satisfaction with their employment in Arena Hospitality Group. From the results, teams are able to identify areas for improvement and through action plans set objectives to improve their working climate.