6 prosinca 2019

Activities - Arena Hospitality Group

Evaluation report for Arena Hospitality Group d.d. who participated in the 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Index CSR  for large companies, the maximum number of points is 670, and you have total 559 points Below is a table showing the points in each area.


Inspiring guests

  • Days of local cuisine

As part of the culture, heritage, customs and daily life of people, local gastronomy with its flavours and aromas stands out as an indispensable component of tourist offerings. Nowadays enjoying cuisine is an increasingly important motive for travel, but also an important element of evaluating the overall experience and guest’s satisfaction. Arena Hospitality Group organizes days of local cuisine, which enables our guests to enjoy traditional Croatian dishes and get to know Croatian national costumes. In local cuisine days we involve local cultural and artistic societies to enrich the overall guest experience. In this way, Arena Hospitality Group contributes to local communities with the promotion of cultural values ​​and supporting local producers.

  • Internet Protocol television (IPTV)

The IPVT devices were implemented at Arena Kažela Camping and Arena One 99 Glamping which enable guests to watch next-generation television or content from popular TV distributors such as HBO, Amazon and Netflix.

Creating centres of excellence

  • Environmental protection

Arena Hospitality Group was awarded a special Blue Flag Gold plaque for 15 years of ongoing activities in earning Blue Flag acknowledgement for 3 beaches in Verudela peninsula (Yacht beach, Brioni beach and Ambrela beach). The Blue Flag is an internationally recognized ecolabel awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable boating operators with a mission to promote sustainability in the tourism sector, through environmental education, environmental protection and other sustainable development practices.

  • Charging stations for electric vehicles

Following the successful installation of 2 types of charging stations for electric vehicles (Tesla and alternative for all other electing vehicles) in Park Plaza Belvedere, Park Plaza Verudela and Arena One 99 Glamping in previous years, in 2019 Arena Grand Kažela Campsite was reopened after first phase of investment with 2 charging stations for electric vehicles (Tesla and alternative for all other electing vehicles), encouraging our guests to choose environmentally-friendly mobility options.

  • Arena News and Payroll Forms on the eco paper

In line with AHG's Responsible Business Experience strategy, eco paper certified FSC® (FSC C017326) and Blue Angel will be used to print Arena News and Payroll Forms. In the future, AHG employees will receive two of their favorite documents on paper that is exclusively or largely made from recycled fibers and by defines criteria for the quality class of recycled paper and chemicals used in their production. In doing so, we are contributing to a long-term sustainable and responsible business model as well as to our goal to increase the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Developing our people

  • Healthy Living - A health-friendly company

Arena Hospitality Group has initiated the process towards gaining the “Healthy Living - A health friendly company” certificate issued by Croatian Institute of Public Health. Main goal of the project “Healthy Living - A health friendly company” which is co-financed by the European Union from the European social funds is to recognize and promote healthy values and, to improve work environment and health of employees. After the evaluation of company’s activities related to promotion of health and improvement of work environment and education, the certificate will be awarded for a period of 2 years.

  • Collaboration with Diopter

We continued our partnership with Diopter for the EduTurizam project together with the Institute for labour market development.  During the first phase of the project a number of individuals were trained to become chefs.  The second phase of the project will emphasize a developmental program for entertainers and bartenders-baristas.  The goal of the project is to provide skills to unemployed individuals and include them in the hospitality industry mainly for the following occupations: chefs, bartenders-baristas, and senior entertainers.

  • Agency for Rural Development of Istria and cooking workshops

The Agency for Rural Development of Istria in cooperation with local partners organizes cooking workshops every year during spring and autumn. Workshops are held in the Educational Gastronomic Center of Istria with the aim to educate hospitality staff and the valorization of agricultural food products of Istria. Arena Hospitality Group recognizes the importance of the project for development of Istrian gastronomy as well as for the education of its team members and yearly participates.

  • Children are our most important business

Three Arena Hospitality Group’s employees underwent UNICEF education "Children are our most important business". The goal of this education was to respect and promote children's rights not only through various forms of donations, but with a more inclusive engagement that will help us become better partners of children and their rights through our business, environmental and social activities.

Being part of our communities

  • Partnership Agreement between UNICEF Croatia and Arena Hospitality Group d.d.

Arena Hospitality Group signed a partnership with UNICEF. The partnership goal is to support UNICEF’s programme “For a Stronger Family” with the aim to provide adequate support for every family in need. Fundraising will be organized through various activities across departments. 

  • Verudela Art Park

Arena Hospitality Group was the initiator of “Verudela Art Park” project with the purpose to enrich the cultural tourism offer in the destination and to promote local artists on accessible public space. The park is located at Verudela peninsula and extends to 5,500 square meters where seven monumental works of the eight artists are exhibited.  In cooperation with City of Pula, Pula Tourism Office and Zagrebačka Banka commercial bank, HRK 4.35 million was invested, of which Arena Hospitality Group invested HRK 375.000. Besides the investment, Arena Hospitality Group is in charge of long term maintenance of the park to the benefit for local community and guests.

  • Collaboration with the Faculty of Economics Juraj Dobrila, Pula

Our collaboration with the Faculty of Economics Juraj Dobrila, Pula with whom we signed a contract in 2018 continues. Specialists in the fields of Revenue management, Human Resources and Strategic controlling have offered their expertise as guest lecturers in 2019.  A student that we had provided a scholarship with in 2018 will soon be employed under a one year contract and offered training in order to prepare her to be a future manager/leader.

  • Collaboration with the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade, Pula

Arena Hospitality Group continues to offer scholarships to high school students from the School of Tourism, Catering and Trade, Pula.  Our collaboration with the school also continued in terms of mentorship and practical on the job training for approximately 55 students annually, studying to be chefs, waiters, pastry chefs, and receptionists. As the school is also becoming a Regional centre of competencies for the tourism and hospitality sector, we are extending our collaboration with them in the form of a partnership. Students will continue to attend their practical training in our properties and the school together with the Chamber of Commerce will ensure mentorship training for approximately 50 of our Heads of departments.  Specialists in Food and Beverage will also collaborate with the school in terms of guest lectures.  The Regional centre will also offer training for adults seeking to receive their qualifications in the field of tourism and hospitality, mainly Rooms division and Food and Beverage, thus providing us with skilled workforce.

  • AHG’s Staff Party for UNICEF

After a successful 2019 season AHG organized Staff Party events with humanitarian character. On which employees participated in Tombola and collected donation for UNICEF.

  • AHG and Tekop Nova

AHGs, in addition to respecting equality laws, social norms of public office and civil rights affiliations (international and European), support diversity and offer equality of opportunity for all employees, students, clients and partners. Tekop Nova is a disability employment facility with which AHG has arranged to design Christmas gift bags.

  • Arena Kids Run

As part of the first Pula Marathon held on September 22, 2019. the first Arena Kids Run was also organized. The race was held in three categories 3-6 years, 7-10 years, 11-14 years, with a start and finish line in front of the Pula Amphitheater. One hundred children participated in the first Arena Kids Run race. We believe that the race will become traditional and attract a large number of children in the following years, encouraging children to play sports and directing them towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Music School Ivan Matetić-Ronjgov, Pula

Park Plaza Histria, Pula, has made its lobby available without charge for the concert held by professors of Music School Ivan Matetić-Ronjgov Pula, in honor of the school's 70th anniversary.